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To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership. Follow the 8 Steps Below

Profile / Add Autoresponder

Click on the "Profile & Autoresponder" button to allow you to:
1) Upload your photo and
2) Add your Autoresponder Optin Form code.

Login to your Autoresponder account, create a new list and optin form, then copy and paste it into the autoresponder code section.

When people you refer visit and join, the members' email will go on your list, then taken to our membership signup page!

All popular Autoresponders where you can create your own List/Campaign/Opt-in form will work!


Also, be sure your redirect URL in your autoresponder is set to the correct URL shown.

You must set your redirect url to this or your referrals won't be able to sign up to this site. If have questions or troubles, contact us at Support. If you don't add your Autoresponder, you can still promote your referral link and make sales and earn ad credits etc, but your referrals will join your sponsor's list.

We recommend Traffic Wave if you don't have an autoresponder.

3. Click on "Edit Profile Links" to add you favourite links that show on your profile box. You're Profile Box will show to all of your referrals.

You're profile box will look like this when completed:

  You have been referred to this site by:
Peter Paterson
Top Link: 
  Peter Paterson's Top Recommended Links:
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  Instant List Pro
  You Need Traffic
  FAFY or Not?

Earn Credits

Click on "Surf Sites for Credits" or "View Ads for Credits" to view ads and to earn credits which you can then use to redeem for more advertising!  You can also win prizes if you click on at least 25 ads in one day!  1 Member Wins A Prize Daily!

Setup Bonus Ads / View Stats

Click on "Buy Banner Ads" or "Buy Text Link Ads" etc to spend your credits on the ads you want. Then click on "Setup Ads / View Stats" to setup your advertising and view statistics.

Grab your FREE Ads

Get your $50 in completely FREE Ads! You'll Receive...
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#1: Click on "Redeem Promo Code" and use the Promo Code: FREE SOLO

#2: Click on "Setup Ads / View Stats" and setup your ads.

You can also go to each advertising section to trade in your credits for free advertising or to buy additional advertising! You can earn credits by clicking on the banner ads and text ads.

Affiliate Tools

Click on "Affiliate Tools" to grab promotional material including your referral URL. Refer others to earn credits and even earn cash commissions when your referrals upgrade! No spam or false accounts will be tolerated and will be removed without warning!

Viral Code

Click on "Get Viral Code" to get our viral ad code that you can place on your own website.  You'll get clicks on your banners plus you'll have a hands-free way to make referrals!

Edit Downline Builder

Click on "Edit Downline Builder " to add your affiliate links to the programs in the builder so your referrals to this site will signup under you.

Learn About List Building

Click on the menu items under List Building to learn everything you can withy tips and tricks. Start to build your list the correct way.

Upgrade Your Account

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our different membership levels and "Upgrade Your Account" to benefit the most from being a member on our site.


Click on "Support" if you need help with anything. Make sure to include your username when you submit a support ticket and allow up to 24hrs for us to get back to you.

Click on "Edit My Details" in case you need to change your password or email address.

Your Banner Here for $2.00 per month.


Compare Your Membership Benefits Below

Membership Level FreeBabyToddlerJuniorSeniorFounder / VIP

Credits Earned On Signup


Commission Paid on Upgrades & Advertising Purchases


Autoresponder Tool Feature


Free Gift Slots


Founder /VIP Links


Solo Ads Saved


Credits For Clicking Solo Ads

225 300 450 75015002500

Credits For Clicking Surf Ads

50 150 300 4506001000

Credits For Clicking Profile Ads

100 250 450 75010002000

Credits For Clicking Banners


Credits For Clicking Text Ads


Referral Activity Reward %


Credits Earned Per Referral


One Time Cost

Free :)$2.99$4.99$9.99$49.99$148

Note: All membership fees displayed in the table above are for a lifetime membership. (No monthly fees ever).
Pay once for the level of membership you are happy to upgrade to.

Note: Founding Membership is still available for a limited time. This will be removed when we reach 50 Founding members.


*All payment processor fees are deducted prior to commissions being calculated.
*Please remember, we have a simple 3-day refund period. Commissions are then paid within 3 days to all entitled members Commissions are paid after payment processor fee deductions are This is so we can pay out commissions to members who refer purchases, so they don't have to hold the commissions they earn for a long time.   This is for the good of all members, so you can enjoy quick commission payouts and not have to wait 30-60 days for your commissions.

*If you upgraded or made a purchase, please use the site today and get familiar with it. You upgraded to get more advertising, higher commissions and more benefits than a free member would.

If it's not for you, we ask that you request a refund within 24hrs (from either admin or from the member you paid if this site has instant commissions active. Their email address will be in your payment processor receipt.. Note: If you refund a member who you referred, please show us proof so we can downgrade the member to Free)

Click on "Contact Support" if you need help with anything. You will receive a responsive as soon as possible, but please allow up 12-24 hours to get back to you. Thanks for being a member, and to your online success!

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